The Smart-Fly PowerExpander Sport EQ is an all new design of our unit for smaller models.  It is recommended for 60cc and under 3D models or 75cc and under IMAC and Scale models.  It features an all new power connector (XT-30) that greatly enhances high current handling over our previous model (15A continuous, 30A peaks) to handle today's high-current servos.  Since the XT-30 is not a common connector at this time we provide 2 female XT-30s in the package.  We also have adapters that go from popular connectors to XT-30 females.  This unit also features servo matching on 2 channels, each with 2 servo outputs.  Each of the 4 servos can individually be reversed and have their center and each endpoint adjusted.  The new unit is also lower profile, improved servo connector retention and a fully enclosed design.  It provides a power distribution unit for your smaller aircraft that is light weight and compact.  The unit is designed for all receivers, end-loading or top-loading.  The unit is designed to work with 5S NiCd/NiMH, 2S LiFe or 2S Li-ion/poly batteries and has a 5.0 volt regulator for the receiver that delivers filtered, clean power. The unit has LED indicators for servo and receiver power.  All signals, in and out of the unit are buffered and  have RF filtering.

  • Recommended for:

        60cc and under 3D

        75cc and under IMAC & Scale

  • Light weight and compact design: 1.9 oz (54g) , 2.6” x 3.5”

  • Uses 5S NiCd/NiMH, 2S LiFe or  2S Li-ion/poly Batteries

  • Battery inputs protected against battery faults, lost cell or short

  • High-current XT-30 battery connectors (15A sustained, 30A peak)

  • 2 Channels of Servo Matching with 2 Outputs Each

  • Filtered and regulated 5.0V power to receiver

  • Receivers can be end-loading or top-loading

  • LED indicators for servo and receiver power

  • Fully buffered signal line for each servo

  • Full RF filtering of all signals in and out of unit 

  • Impedance matching to reduce signal ringing on long servo leads

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PowerExpander Sport EQ (NEW)

  • Brand: Smart-Fly
  • Product Code: PE-14-3
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  • $179.95

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