PowerSystem Eq6 Turbo Installation Part 1

Posted by RRRitchey 27/03/2017 3 Comment(s)

The PowerSystem Eq6 combines three Smart-Fly products into one compact, light system.

3 Comment(s)

Stan Thudium:
11/11/2017, 11:57:04 PM

How do you charge up the two battery packs that are plugged into this thing?

David Hale:
28/06/2018, 01:08:38 PM

I have a grate planes giant revolver what smartfly system should I use? I have a 72 MHz futaba PCM receiver.a 6.6 v life batt. 227oz.in servos from value hobbies. Thanks for your time.

A J Lee:
18/07/2018, 03:56:39 PM

How do I get the instructions to set up servos on the EQ6 two servos on the servos out put would you e mail them to me Thank you A J

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