PowerSafe receivers are not recommended for use with any of our systems.  These types of receivers were never designed to be used with any power management units. We are compatible with all other JR and Spektrum recievers.

The Smart-Fly PowerExpanders provide full power to servos and clean power to receivers at an affordable price.  The PowerExpander family can accept an input voltage of up to 8.5V.  Your servo choice will determine the type of battery you can use with the PowerExpander since they do not regulate the servo voltage.  The PowerExpanders do not have regulators for the servos, whatever comes in the power input conectors goes straight to the servos.  All the PowerExpanders have a receiver regulator that takes power from the two power inputs, filters it and regulates it down to 5.0 volts so the receivers always see clean power regardless of what the servos do. 

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PowerExpander Micro-14F

The PowerExpander Micro-14F is designed for use with the Futaba R6014xx receivers.  The unit pl..


PowerExpander Micro-12G

The PowerExpander Micro-12G is designed for use with any standard receiver. The unit has twelve pita..


PowerExpander Sport Plus

The PowerExpander Sport Plus is designed specifically for 85cc or smaller size planes.  It uses..

Starting From $159.95

PowerExpander Pro Out Of Stock

PowerExpander Pro

The PowerExpander Pro can be used with any size aircraft.  It has “Smart-Sense inputs which wil..


PowerExpander EQ10 Out Of Stock

PowerExpander EQ10

The PowerExpander Eq10 can be used with any size aircraft.  It has “Smart-Sense inputs which wi..


PowerExpander Competition 12 Plus

The PowerExpander Competition 12 can be used with any size aircraft.  It is primarily designed ..

Starting From $174.95