New PowerExpander Micro-12G

The PowerExpander Micro-12G is designed for use with any standard receiver. The unit has twelve pitails that plug into receivers with up to twelve channels. Two of the Micro-12G channels have two ouptuts (1&12) and the other ten channels have a single output each. This tiny unit has most of the features of our larger PowerExpanders with the exception of multiple servo outputs per channel. It has a built in BatShare, receiver and servo signal line filtering, amplification of the servo signal to 5V and can be used with an optional failsafe switch.

  • For use with any standard receiver
  • Two channels with two servo outputs
  • Ten channels with single servo output
  • Compatible with battery packs up to 8.5V
  • Provides full battery pack voltage to servos
  • Built-in BatShare for battery input protection
  • Inputs protect against cell failure or power shorts
  • Filtered and regulated 5.0V power to receiver
  • Dual regulators for receiver
  • Full RF filtering of all signals in and out of unit
  • Fully buffered outputs on all channels
  • Servo signal lines boosted to 5V
  • Long servo lead line matching
  • Operates with optional Failsafe-switch
  • Light weight, 1.3oz, 37g
  • Compact design, footprint is 2.0” x 1.5”

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PowerExpander Micro-12G

  • Product Code: PE-8_12G
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  • $169.95