The Smart-Fly TurboReg is ideal for aircraft with engines larger 100cc size.  All power input and output connectors are Deans Ultra Plugs to handle the high currents the TurboReg is capable of.  The unit is will handle 17.5A continuous current but can handle peak currents in excess of 35A (< 10 sec).  The unit has dual battery inputs for redundancy and has a built-in BatShare to balance battery draw and prevent a bad battery pack from affect a good pack.  It can be used with any battery pack who's maximum charge voltage is 8.4V or less.  The minimum input to output voltage differential is 0.45V.  For instance, if you set the output voltage to 6.0V with a 5-cell NiCd/NiMH pack, when the pack falls below 6.45V the output voltage will start to drop accordingly.  When the pack is 6.0V the output will be about 5.55V.  The regulator has a minimum input voltage of 3.0V.  It features adjustable voltage output from approximately 5.2V to 6.6V - 6.7V ( can vary slightly due to resistor tolerances).  It supports the use of an optional failsafe switch. 


  • Built-in BatShare
  • Deans Ultra Plugs In & Out
  • Input to Output minimum differential is 0.45V
  • Adjustable output voltage, 5.2V to 6.6V - 6.7V
  • 17.5A continuous, 35A peaks ( 8.4 volts in & 6.0 volts out, < 10 sec)
  • Optional Failsafe Switch & Charge Package Available
  • Lightweight: 2.0 oz
  • Small size: 2-3/4 x 2-1/4 inches

CAUTION: When the regulator is operated with the optional failsafe-switch it presents a slight load to your battery even when off. This load is 0.4mAH or about 10mA out of your pack for each 24-hour period. You should disconnect the battery if you the plane will be sitting for more than a couple days.

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