The SuperSwitchHD is a DSC style switch designed for the demands of large scale aircraft. Standard switches with their 22 gauge wires and single R/C connectors are just not sufficient for 1/3 scale aircraft up. Even with dual receivers in the 40% and larger planes the current draw from the battery through the switch can be substantial during maneuvers. Standard R/C connectors can drop up to a volt with a 9 amp load through them.  When you consider a high-torque digital servo can draw up to 4.5 amps and you may have 6 to 13 of these in an aircraft a current draw of 9 amps is not unusual.  This means through two connectors and the switch contacts you can loose up to 3V between your batteries and receiver with a standard heavy duty switch at a 9 amp load.  While this may be momentary this is when you need the least voltage drop to the servo as voltage supplies the servos’ torque. Reduce the voltage the servo sees and you reduce the torque the servo can supply.  While you still have the switch contacts causing some voltage drop the SuperSwitchHD eliminates any voltage drop across the conectors since the Deans Ultraplugs have negligible voltage drop at 20 or 30 amps.  

The unique features of this switch is the 18 gauge wire on the battery side with high-quality Deans connectors and the dual JR plugs (which will work with any receiver) on the receiver side.  It is designed for use between batteries with Deans connectors and a standard receiver.  This wire and connector combination allows you to mount your battery anywhere you want and you don’t have to worry about voltage drops in long wire runs. This minimizes the voltage drop cause by wire resistance. On the receiver side, again one or both leads may be used but both leads is recommended so that your system see the minimum voltage drop between your battery and your receiver. Note: Do not use extensions on the receiver side of the switch as this will negate any benefits by introducing another connector pair.

The JR plugs provided will fit any radio system brand. This switch will not be suitable for any of our Regulators, PowerExpanders or PowerSystems that use Deans inputs.  It can be used with the PowerSystem Sport Plus or the PowerExpander Sport Plus.

NOTE: Battery Pigtail and Shrink-wrap are no longer included in the package.


  • Heavy, 18 gauge wire to battery terminals
  • Dual output connectors to receiver for low voltage drop
  • Universal connectors
  • Compatible with all radio systems

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